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Saint George’s Flag of England


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Vintage Classic Saint George’s Flag of England

Saint George Flag size 151x76cm
Quality cotton fabric
Single layer
Red piping to edges

This wonderful red cross saint george’s flag has been designed with a subtle vintage look. The colour of the flag is red and cream and this looks very elegant and soft when compared to the red and white standard flags. It is made from quality layered cotton fabric. Although this is a single sided flag, the back also displays a reasonable looking flag too. The beautiful red piping around the edge also sets it apart from other flags. It has a strip across the top which has 3 eyelets for easy hanging. It measures 76 x 151 cm which is large enough for most needs. A perfect flag for England football and Rugby supporters.

A little history on the Saint Georges Cross…

The red cross on the England flag goes right back to the middle ages. It can be seen as a component in our current Union flag which was designed back in the year 1606. Since then the Georgian cross has not been officially used since the Union flag is now our official flag. In recent years however the Saint Georges flag has re-surfaced at Big international sporting events. They are an ideal gift for world cup football, Rugby and Olympic fans.
The Saint Georges flag came about in 1188 when England’s Henry II and Frances Phillip II agreed to go on a crusade or military campaign. Interestingly they agreed that England’s Henry would use the white cross and Phillip would use the red cross as their flag, but for some reason Henry ended up with the red cross. The reason for this still remains a mystery although there are some theories as to why this happened. This is just a small snippet of history of the Saint Georges flag and much more can be found on the internet.

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