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Union Flag – 20 x 42 inch – 4 Types




Union flag – Small double sided versions

Small Union flag Size: 20 x 42 inch | 50 x 106cm
Eyelet holes on one side
Double sided

Finest Union Jack flags. Classic double sided (there is a flag on both sides). Our popular flags by Wovenmagic come in various designs and in addition some have a royal coat of arms embroidered in the center. Please note: All flags now have eyelets at both ends. Customers can buy various types as follows:


UJ101D small flag


Vintage Union Jack small flag [UJ101D] 50 x 106cm



Bright London Union Jack Small Flag [LON101D] 50 x 106cm

Bright Union Jack Small Flag with Royal Crest [RC101D] 50 x 106cm

Vintage Union Jack Small Flag with Royal Crest [RC101VD] 50 x 106cm




They are the best decoration flags available. The darker vintage style flags are made using tea stained cotton fabric.

Flags with royal crest have been embroidered with gold thread and have an eyelet strip at both ends. These are very popular. These small flags measuring 20 x 42 inches are among our best sellers. The Manufacturer layers the cotton to form the pattern and they are sewn to produce a very nice end product. Not to be mistaken for cheaper nylon printed types.  Please select your choice of flag from the drop-down menu where you will be given a preview image of the selected product.

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Vintage Union Flag, Vintage flag with royal crest, Bright union flag, Bright union flag with royal crest

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