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Large Union Jack Flag


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Large Union Jack flags

Flag size: 63 x 39 inches/160 x 99 cm
Flag displayed on both sides
Vintage colours
Eyelets to top & bottom

This is a popular large Union Jack flag that has a double sided display. It is finished in  tea stained cotton fabric and has eyelets to the top and bottom to aid hanging. As you can see from the pictures they are fairly heavy duty and emmit a feeling of quality. This is also felt when you physically see and feel them. They are a weighty flag since there is two of them sewn back to back. They are perfect for large events of all kinds and especially times of royal celebration. Many of these are sold to commercial establishments and even some embassies for their internal decorations. We have two types for customers to choose from in this size. The UJ101D (plain) or RC101VD – with the addition of a gold embroidered royal coat of arms on both sides.

Please note: The eyelet strip at top and bottom of these flags are sometimes in matching navy blue as well as beige. Due to flash photography, the actual item may seem darker depending on your lighting conditions.

Large Vintage Union Jack Flag – UJ101D


Plain Vintage Tea Stained Union Jack

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Note: Colour may appear different due to flash photography.



Large Tea Stained Flag with Royal Crest – RC101VD



Vintage Union Jack with crest

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RC101D Large Bright Flag with crest

Bright Union Jack with crest

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Oldbritain Large vintage classic union jack flag 2 Oldbritain Large vintage classic union jack flag 4 Oldbritain Large vintage classic union jack flag 1

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UJ101D Large tea stained Union Flag, RC101VD Large tea stained Union Flag with crest, RC101D Large Bright Union Flag with crest